Small Business

What is a Small Business?

Bauer Associates’ expertise and passion is to primarily help businesses under $20 million in annual revenue. These businesses are usually owner operated and closely held. Assisting entrepreneurs with startups is also a strength.


Services Provided to Small Business

Strategic Planning
A process which will derive a three year company wide plan for success. The plan will be a road map for solid growth and will have specific ways to mitigate weaknesses and accelerate strengths. The company’s mission and core principals will drive the plan. Each critical component of the business will be addressed.

Financial Analysis/Forecasting
Financial trends will be identified and assessed by evaluating past financial performance. Specific recommendations will be made on improving margins/revenues, cash and capital needs, and expense control.

Revenue Growth
Evaluation of current sales/marketing strategies. Specific recommendations for targeting, prospecting, consistent calling, presentation, and service will be made.

Assess service delivery to customers and employees. This will include identifying customer needs, improving customer/employee communication, and service delivery.  Recommendations will be made to strengthen employee satisfaction and teamwork.

Debt, capital needs, and proper structure are critical to a successful business. We will assess the appropriate mix of leverage and capital and assist with banking/lender/investor identification and negotiation.


Bauer Associates will assist the company whenever possible through an extensive contact network. Referrals will be made to proven professionals you can trust.