Our mission is to help you achieve your vision

At Bauer Associates we have tremendous respect and admiration for business owners and entrepreneurs. They face many day to day challenges. Scott Bauer fully understands these challenges having founded, led, and built a successful businesses from scratch. He started Bauer Associates to help decision makers think strategically and develop actions to fulfill their vision for their company.

Bauer Associates will help you by:

Listening to your needs and supporting your long term vision

Assessing strengths and weaknesses, helping set priorities, and recommending solutions to solve strategic needs. We help to develop long term strategic planning geared to achieve the goals set for your company.  

Analyzing, evaluating, and walking through your financial information with you.

Recommending actions to enhance profitability and growth.

Improving your service delivery internally and externally.

Helping with financing, bank presentations and negotiations providing the right amount of funding and structure to support your business.

Accessing an extensive network and contacts to benefit your company in any way possible.


“Thank you Scott for all of your help in assisting me in developing a three year strategic plan at Pest-X these past couple of months. Your insight and wisdom were invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Simon Shaw, Owner

Scott's banking knowledge and professional guidance has helped Dairi-O Restaurants realize a strong financial stance, which facilitates strategic business planning and fosters sustainable growth.  We are grateful for the dedication and care that Scott provides through his area of expertise.  

 Jeff and Pamela Speaks, Dairi-O Restaurants

“Allegacy Federal Credit Union had the distinct pleasure of working with Scott Bauer and Jeff Clark on a two month special assignment.  We relied on Scott and Jeff’s past experience to evaluate our current commercial services business.  Their work proved to be a major factor in re-building Allegacy’s commercial services business to a first class and dynamic division.  They consistently demonstrated their commitment to the success of the assignment by their attention to detail during all phases.  Their passion for small business was always obvious!

What you can expect from Bauer Associates is a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and thorough industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the small business process.  They are a partner to be relied upon from start to finish!”

Cathy J. Pace, CEO